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Here is an idea that could make one of my readers rich and perhaps lead him on the road to early retirement. I am writing about the paperback market. It is a big one today. The 25c paperback of yesteryear is no longer with us. Now one pay $1.98 and more for the average paperback…and there are hundreds and hundreds of them pouring out of the publishers every month. Hard cover books are issued more for the prestige, because very few buy the higher price $8 copies. So..there is a different kind of library being formed in the average household homes. No one seems to know what to do with them. They don’t fit well into the bookcase, that was devised for the hardcover issues. Even our bookends were designed for the larger hardcover books. Paperbacks are hard to display and they do not present a pleasing appearance in the present storage areas available. There is a paperback page holder available from Marshall Mfg. Inc., 4202 South, Daytona, Fla. 32021. It fits any 7 inch paperback and holds the pages apart conveniently as one is reading. That is a problem with many paperbacks. Something that allows the reader to read with both hands, automatically, with pages back for enough so everything is visible. This would make a nice premium giveaway. But..back to the “holder” we were talking about. There should be a massive market out there for paperback bookcases and paperback bookends. They would be designed and mfg. in the same way as before but the size would be scaled down. Simple..yet simple ideas can sometimes make fortunes! This reminds me of the man who makes bookcases in his home wood working shop..then fills them with old used books. He call them “ago” bookcases and some people pay extremely high prices for these “already filled” bookcases. He picks the books up from schools and colleges (material that they are replacing) and picks it up..sometimes thousands of volumes..for a few dollars. Sometimes he can purchase tones of books at discounts from book dealers and used book stores (who are cleaning out some of their inventory). Running ads in classified sections will produce thousands of books with attractive aged, impressive bindings. People have them in attics, basements, garages and might want to clean them out for a few dollars. Used furniture dealers, who buy up whole households of furniture, probably throw away books with great literary value, famous authors, aged, antique-like bindings. Books that are the greatest, perhaps, but very rarely read by the average person. In a bookcase this kind of book looks used and READ! People like to fool others and this evidently builds up the ego. It is working for the originator and as far as I know he is the only man in the U.S. that is working the idea successfully. Bookcases for paperback can be made in a very attractive, compact form and could be very appealing. A new piece of furniture never before seen. And one could turn out regular bookcases with built-in sections for paperbacks.

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