Selling a subscription to samples or cataloges – part 1

One of the ideas I have covered is the service that sells foreign catalogs. This man would send a package of foreign catalogs to his customers for a nice fee. He made arrangements with firms in Japan, Germany, Hong Kong and other countries. They would send him wholesale quantities of their large, colorful catalogs, these would be wholesale catalogs, there could be some retail catologs. In some instances these quantities of catalogs were delivered to him without charge, in other instances there would be a charge per catalog. The average businessman, the average man, never sees these overseas illustrated catalogs, chock full of curios, novelties, latest inventions & newest products from the overseas. They are fascinating to read and very valuable because the businessman, particularly, can find novelties for sale here in the U.S.A., long before anyone else knows about them! The originator of this idea makes it easy to see a lot of these unique one a nice sort of package deal! If your service generates business for these catalog publishers will approach you for distribution of their catalogs. Eventually I would assume that an operator would get at all catalogs, in any quantity, for free. Something like this catalog idea would be a foreign sample service. Here you operate in a similar fashion but you distribute samples instead, you have subscribers…firms that are interested in unique, new products from abroad, businessmen who want to SEE samples. The idea would be to print a small catalog showing dozens, even hundreds, of unique, unusual novelties..things that are brand new and not as yet known here at home. You’ll find all of these things shown in the catalogs I have just mentioned. You get halftone pictures of the products..glossy photos..from the manufacturers, and you get a special BELOW WHOLESALE price per sample piece. You get the samples for as little as possible and here some haggling will be necessary. As you prove that your service will generate a lot of business from American firms the price of large quantities of “Samples” will come down. A letter to many overseas firms would point out the tremendous advertising advantage one would have in getting samples of their precuts into the hands of potential American buyers. Remember..just one U.S. firm could order thousands and thousands of a certain item and might become a customer for other things for years to come. One thing more. Your catalog would both give the names of the sources for your listed novelties. Just the price of the samples, and your clients or subscribers would order the samples directly from you or through you (if samples were to be drop – shipped directly from overseas mfg.). because you might be getting the samples for next to nothing you could make your sample prices very low, too and still make plenty. Or you could make your profit by charging a fee for the catalog, or it could be some sort of subscription fee.

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