Selling a subscription to samples or cataloges – part 2

The names of these potential customers would eventually be sent to the overseas firms. There are many way to work this. Because we are writing about a lot of overseas products and services in our two books and in our monthly communiqués our readers should know how to uncover some of these new products THEMSELVES. Many a business can be started by a little fellow, using a brand new novelty form abroad. When it finally becomes known here at home he switches to still another brand ne curio, that he ha discovered abroad. Many of the sources we give may discontinue offers, move, change lines, go out of business. Things are in constant change so you have to know about alternate sources. Here is some valuable information: if you want sources of supply for almost any line of novelties, any kind of product, any curio, anything that is new in a certain kind of the following people. Korean products = Korean Trade Center, 1149 S. Hail St., Los Angeles, Calif. Japanese products – Japan Trade Center, 1221 Ave. of American, New York, N.Y. = Portuguese Gov. Trade, 666 Fifth Ave.. NY, NY. British products = British Trade Development Office, 150 Development Council, 548 Fifth. Ave., New York, N.Y. German products = 460 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Italian products = Italian Trade Commission, 1 World Trade Center, New York, N.Y. = Austrian products = Austrian Trade Delegation, 845 Third Ave., N.Y., N.Y. = Mexican products = Mexican Institute for Foreign Trade, 450 Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y. = Philippine products = Office of the Philippines, Commercial Attache, 17 Battery PL, New York, N.Y. = Spanish products = Spanish Embassy Commercial Office, 406 Lexington Ave., N.Y. NY. For countries not mentioned you simply address your letter to the country (its names) and then include the words “The Embassy.” Complete the address with “Washington, D.C.’ I have really given you 12 new business stories by listing the above, because there could be at least 12 unusual enterprises developed from the products of these 12 countries! What they have to offer is so different from what we have here at home that the ideas for new ventures quickly appear.

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