Diploma service – part 2

 As TV shows are made 15 to 25 weeks in advance of showing..and as movies are made 3 to 6 months in advance of release…you can have theses on the market in time for the actual viewing. You’ll be selling patterns for unusual clothing being viewed at the moment by millions and millions of women! You could sell the patterns by mail or you could place them in the leading sewing machine shops and fabric stores throughout the country. Counter posters or cards could advertise the TV show or Movie along with the patterns. It would be good publicity for the studios and good advertising for the shops ho are trying to sell patterns. It would be good publicity for the studios and good advertising for the shops who are trying to sell patterns. Viewers would get a good idea how the dress looked..before..buying patterns..although many would buy even before the show came out..just to say they had a similar dress! R.V. is one of the leading sellers of used cars in the nation. He has 3 full-time mechanics who check out all cars. His customers get any kind of repair job under a 30-day warranty and that would even include a new motor, if necessary! Telling everybody that he will actually do this is great publicity. In fact, he finds he can cut down his advertising and depend on word-of-mouth advertising. A promise such as this is worth 100 paid ads! His enterprise is full of gimmicks..things that build up customer good will. For example he’ll wash the car when his customer comes in to look at the new cars, or for repairs. The car wash gimmick pay off. He doesn’t do it himself but gives his prospects and customers a coupon that is good down the street at a car wash. Prospects become customers and those already customers become loyal customers..and it only costs him 75c per wash. He gets a special rate. It has boosted his profits 1000%, indirectly..he claims. Another gimmick is his own privately printed “credit card.’ He mails them out to customers, implying that they make his business a lot different that the average dealer. You can do the same in whatever venture you decide to start! It doesn’t just apply to used cars! P.S. has a unique subscription deal that makes a lot of money, yet only 34 people subscribe!! The amounts to $272,000 annually! What does he do for this amount? He prepared and sets up window displays at some twelve locations across the land. What are these locations? They are brokerage houses. What is being displayed/ nothing more than the front covers of the annual stock report. There is a mail-in card attached to each report. People mail this in and he sends the complete report to the inquirer. At the end of the year there is a year-end summation sent to all subscribers, giving the names who asked for the subscribers, giving the names who asked for the stock report and general information as to what they thought of the company and the stock. Brokerages cannot actively solicit people to buy stocks. They can send annual reports and that is about it. They are looking for new ways to contact potential investors. One way would be to set-up such displays in shopping malls, not far from a brokerage house. Displays could be set up in supermarkets, offering annual reports and mentioning the nearest brokerage house. Nostalgia is bringing about an interest in the old time tintypes. These are the old fashioned photographs. E.D. uses an old 1860 camera that takes such tintypes. His van calls on special plates at $20 a piece. It isn’t unusual for him to take in $1000 in a weekend. If zou have a studio you can include old time costumers, Victorian furniture and old time backdrops as a part of the quiant photographs.

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