Jumping from $85,000 to $250,000

 The store down the street may only make &85,000 a year, if they are very, very lucky. But the store that takes on a “personality”..that does things differently..is going to jump that net to about $250,000! That’s a quarter of a million dollars, which is really something for a small business. N.F. did it with his wall covering shop in a western community. He was doing fairly well, with an $85,000 net, but in just one year he as clearing $250,000! He did it by starting a “Do-it-yourself’ class for his prospective customers. The class covered selection of wallpaper and everything that should be know about the  application. But wouldn’t this take up too much time..you are saying. Not so much because the class was held in the evening, and only every other week. Usually about fifty people attended and just about everybody in that group became a customer. That’s about 100 new customers each month. At the start the classes were free. Now N.F. has a small charge of $2.50, which means that he takes in about $250 a month for his time, which is a nice bit of supplemental income. But this wasn’t the only change that he made in his business, he created a corner section where the kids could be entertained with toys and comic books. This purchases and this little twist really upped and sales. Then he topped it all off with the creation of an unusual “lending library.” Prospective customers were actually allowed to take home the large wallpaper sample books. Why was this done? N.F. reasoned that a lot of prospects were spending an hour or so in the store scanning the books. Why was this spending an hour or so in the store scanning the books but never quite making up their minds. By taking the books home he found that it was a giant step taken toward the start of a wall papering job..and a sale for N.F. Out of every 3 library TWO of them became cash buyers! It meant the stocking of a lot of sample books but it was worth the effort and expense! Here is a little businessman well on his way to becoming a millionaire!

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