Diploma service – part 1

If you want to create a line of saleable pictures, plaques, posters, consider the old patent medicine ads that are found in very old newspapers and magazines. Or you can secure the reprints of the Sears catalogs and find a lot of them therein. Such ads are very humorous and quaint. If one reproduced them, gave them a coating of clear lacquer, had them nicely framed and glassed, I can imagine the prices they would command. In fact I already know of one lady who is doing just that. This could turn into a bog money deal if worked on a large scale. Here is another idea that might make a knowledgeable operator $20,000 a year. In your community, and in every community in the U.S.A., there are night and day extension classes for adults. These are being held in most colleges and universities..and the junior colleges too. And some are conducted at nigh in High School buildings. A lot of people complete a variety of these classes, but usually no diplomas are involved. Wouldn’t it be nice for these people to have ediploma for each class that they completed? It would be good public relations for the schools..the kind of advertising that is hard to get. Someone might contact these many schools across the land..by mail..and offer this service. One could provide the sheepskins to all adult students. Two plans are possible. One would be to offer the diplomas to the colleges..they in turn would add on the dollar or two that you would ask..to the price of the course. Or you could make available the service to only those adults who wished the sheepskin or sheepskins. Everything would be done by mail, either dealing with the college or the student..or both. You could hire an artist, working at home, to do the fancy lettering usually found on the fulltime diplomas. And you could use the gold seal, ribbon effect generally used on diplomas. Quite an ideal L.U. has a weekly contest in his business. He puts so much money into a jackpot each week and the drawing is held every Saturday. You may be a winner (all customer names are entered) but you won’t collect unless you have purchased AT LEAST $1.50 worth of merchandise during the past week. It is a way of increasing his gross tremendously over a year’s time!! Pattern sales are big business today. Would you believe that over 160 million pattern pieces are turned out in a year!! StilLit holds steady at this amount. Something is needed to boost the sales even more. It could be a fine mail order venture because the product is so light in weight and so easy to mail. Mfg. costs are low and markup is great. Why not sell patterns covering odd, unique garments, lingerie, etc. One could approach the T.V and Movie Studios regarding the clothes being worn in popular T.V series or Movie. Pick up something outstanding that is being worn by Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Dinah Shore, Carol Burnett, the Gabor sisters, etc. There are hundreds of motion picture and T.V stars. See if you can get the patterns for the clothing being worn. Then make duplicates from these originals.

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