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 Y.H. operates his shop with great profits by conducting sales each day of the week. But he doesn’t tell his prospects and customers what it is. They have to visit his place to find out. It is something different each day. Handwritten ads, placed in newspapers, tells the reader that he has a secret..something that is offered on that day at a big cash discount. “You’ll have to come into the store to see what it is..I won’t tell”…says the ad. E.B in Florida, was moving to new QUARTERS. So that his customers wouldn’t forget he handed out shiny new quarters to everybody coming into the store. Many of these people made some sort of purchase so the promotion didn’t cost him too much. Handing out new coins might be a way for other ventures to build up goodwill and therefore build up sales..perhaps double and triple sales over the year!! It is a form of premium in the shape of HARD cash. In these times nothing seems to impress people as much as MONEY does! It wouldn’t necessarily have to be used in connection with a move. It could be a sale. Perhaps a 5% sale would call for the handing out of brand new nickels, a 10% sale or discount would use dimes..and so on. Even cents can be handed out for no reason at alL.or for some penny sale (buy one, get the second for a penny). An excellent personalized premium that would make a hit with a customer, and probably cause him to keep coming back and to buy more..would be HANDCARVED NAMES! There is a firm that will hand carve your own name into raw wood. The name is hand crafted, using script lettering. The finished plaque finds the individual letters standing in 3-dimensional relief..all mounted, stained, polished. They’ll do the first name or both first and last names. Evidently this firm can stock up on popular first names. For custom produced words that cost can run around $1 per letter. As a premium one could stock up on the popular last names..or have them custom made for special customers. Write Words, P.O. Box 92, Hopatcong, N.J 07843. If you want your advertising to be staring one in the face for many hours you might try the car  shade most cars have. There is a new visor band available that clips on to the visor easily because it is elastic. Attached to the bend is a plastic plate and this carries your ad message. Or perhaps you could start a business selling advertising to others. You would hand out the visor bands (perhaps for free) to car owners. You would charge so much a hundred in determining your advertising charge. This visor band is also a storage piece in which one can store pens, sunglasses, tolls, maps and other clutter. Could be thousands of cars..even million of them. Write Motor Products Co., Inc., 151 Eisenhower Lane, Lombard, III. 60148. Retails for 49c. Wholesale would depend on quantity ordered. Along the same line would be the Telephone message clip holder. This is a plastic clip that attaches to the telephone. Holds the message at eye level. Can be also used and attached in the kitchen (to hold recipes) while working or to attach to a car’s dashboard (for street directions). Mails in a regular envelope. In advertising imprint. Would be a nice premium to hand out. I wonder if short ads or trademarks couldn’t be sold on these gadgets? Might not be room enough..but possibly one could be squeezed in. this could produce extra profits. While the following is a Bicentennial promotion I would say that it could be used at any time. I am speaking about turning the prices back to 1776. N.F. runs a Tavern in an eastern community. He advertised 1776 prices, showing an early American menu and the prices, which were in the 75c area. Thousands lined up for this meal, strictly an attempt to build up good-will, to promote friendship with potential long standing customers. If worked right the ear around sales could double. Could be tried several times a year just to keep things in the public eye. Doesn’t have to be connected with Bicentennial. One gas station publicizes its low towing service charge…using this in signs and ads. Folks remember the station because of this, S.L. advertises an odd house call policy. He guarantees to be on call 24 hours a day. Customer relations are excellent here, event though he tries to take care of the problems over the phone. House call might help any business in these times, a shoe store in a small southern town uses a talkative Mynah bird to keep the kids entertained while Mother shops for shoes. These birds are fascination and you have seen them on some of the coast to coast TV shows. Why not use one to attract adults,, to increase store traffic? Someone could even use such a bird as their trade mark. The bird could be given a name..and pictures used in all signs and ads. “The Hoe of Mike, the Mynah Bird.” Ever heard of a whistling Baseball? Yep, this ball will talk back, in a way. It whistles when thrown forcibly. The greater the toss the greater the whistle! Comes packaged two to a poly bag. Retails for $1. Wholesale discount figured according to quantity ordered. Can also carry your name or ad message thereon. As a premium to attract kids into a place of business this can’t be beat. Kids would have to be accompanied by an adult. Write Berkshire Sales, 219 Ninth St., Francisco, Calif. 94103.

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