Converting wicker

An unusual converting business is the wicker furniture venture. Here one imports wicker pieces from Guatemala (Contact Guatemalan Embassy for sources of supply) and then apply upholstery in the form of pillows..and you have pieces that look a lot better. So much better that they now take on price tags of $300 to $7001! It is a new trend. The demand for wicker furniture might grow in the coming years. There are hanging basket chairs, wicker pieces in the form of animals. All extremely unique and easily converted into soft comfortable sofas, chairs, tables, etc. how about coming up with an idea and product concerned with LUCK? People believe in luck. As evidence there is the rabbit’s foot the four leaf clover, the lucky stones, charms, good luck pieces, rings, talisman, occult pieces, $2 bills, coins, horseshoes, lodestones, etc., etc. In Africa the natives have all kinds of weird good luck pieces. In INDIA we find even stranger luck pieces. If one delves into witchcraft field one will find scores of good luck potions. Check with the exponents of voodoo and you’ll come up with a dozen more good luck pieces, dolls, objects. In the occult field there are more books, jewelry pieces, crosses, formulas. Why not put a lot of these luck attractors into a plastic embediment paper weight. Or they can be set inside other pieces of Lucite. Jewelry pieces, desk pen sets. One man puts together a perfect poker hand together with a four leaf clover, inside a desk piece of Lucite. He also makes bracelets and other items out of poker ships. Enclosing lucky coins with four leaf clovers or two dollar bills make interesting combinations. There could be good luck “kit.” The kit could contain just about every good luck kit. I have a feeling this would sell well by mail order and also in every novelty shop, gift shop and jewelry shop in the U.S.A. ever think bout personalized soap?? Most kids don’t like to wash or bathe. Any inducement might help and etching the name of the kid in the soap is a cute idea. And something on this order might appeal as a gift to adults. Etched soap bars would make perfect gifts for engagements, weddings, birthdays, Xmas gifts, showers. This might go over in the mail order shopping sections of the Hose Beautiful type of magazine. Custom etched soap would be costly but people are looking for unusual fits. If place in stores the store would take down the name to be etched and send the order on to you. Etching could be done by a special molding process, or with some sort of stylus. Homeworkers in their homes could be hired for this kind of work. One could turn out a huge inventory of “first name” bars, picking all of the popular first names. Orders of these could be filled faster at lower prices. Unusual names and complete names would have to be strictly custom higher prices. This should be a big market the year around with steady repeat orders!

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