You Can Take It With You!! – part 1



I have just attended a dinner meeting of the Cryonics Society of Calif., Inc. that was held in Los Angeles. No doubt many of you have seen demonstrations of cryonic equip­ment used in the sciences of cryonic suspensions (or freezing). These have taken place on several of the TV “Guest” shows. Professor Robt. C.W. Ettinger, one of the pioneers in this human freezing science and author of the book “The Prospect of Immortali­ty”, has been the guest narrator for these TV programs.

What is this science of cryonics? What does it promise? How will if effect humanity in general? How will it fit into the coin world?

Briefly it boils down to this … theory has it that a person can be scientifically frozen immediately after death, using the services of doctors and morticians who are members of cryonic interment plans. Nine persons so far have been cryonically suspended (frozen) and now lie in special cryonic capsules containing freezing nitro­gen… in the usual mausoleum crypts. Rumors still persist that Walt Disney is cryonically suspended. The “Cryonics Review” states that there has been no convincing proof offered that this has NOT been done. The “Review” claims that Disney had shown interest in the Science and had expressed a desire to be cryonically suspended.

In humorous terms Cryonic intern­ment has been called the “lay-away” plan for immortality. Seriously the science of Cryonics could be termed “the bridge to the future” and it well may be the answer to the overcoming of the present insurmountable and impenetrable barrier of time that lies between us and a form of immortality – AND – that lies between the investor and his becoming a millionaire!

Don’t laugh…smile a bit, perhaps…and make the smile a hopeful one! Cheer up! What was nothing more than a book three years ago has turned into a new hope, a new era…an ex­tremely vital and historically signifi­cant event that is actually taking shape…is HAPPENING…CRYONICS!!

Now there is a way to “take it with you” and at the same time to achieve a form of temporary immortality! There is new hope for the dead. Death need not be the end according to the scientists now taking part in this new and growing science of cryonics!!

If the dream of the Cryonics people comes true…becomes a fact…the coin investor and coin collector can live in the future…some 300 or 400 years hence! No longer will they be prisoners of time. Now we are told that some of us may be the first to achieve a fulfillment beyond the wildest dreams of man…to wake up with a form of immortality…and with a few millions too! Up until now we have all marched bravely to our deaths. In our very short span of life we have failed to achieve many of the great and noble things we have wanted to do… and many of the ambitious programs we had hoped to make successful (such as securing a million dollars or two).

We have been led to believe “that you can’t take it with you”…but now perhaps some of us WILL be able to do just that. The chance is mighty slim, I’ll grant you, but there now is
 that chance. Yesterday the chance was not available!

If you are interested, stay tuned for part two! It is coming very soon!



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