You Can Take It With You!! – part 3


Fantastic chemical treatments to the brain area will mold the personali­ty and mental health of the human being some four hundred years hence! !

All of this…if successful…will bring about a form of extended immortality to the individual who has postponed death.

The human body in the year 2369, many medical scientists tell us, will be repairable much as we now repair a car. Replacement will be possible…we are told…for all human organs. Some will possibly be synthetic… others special grown in cultures. All diseases will be curable then, including the disease of old age…and the age limit will be extended vastly for the average person. We can hope that wars and other troubles will also vanish as all of these developments take place.

Yes, the science of cryonics may be the key to the door that opens upon this wonderful future. If it is not… then sad to say…all of us have been born too soon!

What will the coins of today be worth in four hundred years? That is a very long time in a hobby that has had such a short span of life…so far. We can project ahead one hundred, two hundred or four hundred years, basing the projections upon the growth rate achieved in the past and get a rough estimate of coin values in that faraway age.

Time can transform present day abundent “keys” into ancient antiques…priceless objects to be dis­played in galleries and museums and private collections (let’s hope they’ll pay for them in credits or something that will make us honored and wealthy). I am certain that the delight and consternation that would develop among the collectors of 400 years hence would quickly build up to the point where these present-day BU coins would well turn out to be hundred thousand dollar rarities!

If the coin investor is dolefully contemplating his hoards of modern- day, speculative, uncirculated rolls and wondering when these rolls will be­come rolls of RARE coins…the blue chips or keys of the future…he could have some reason for being slightly downcast, particularly if he is of the greedy breed! Getting rich quick may not be in the cards… patience may be necessary…and a great deal of patience if “instant millions” are dreamed of! It is likely we are speaking of more patience than we can cram into one lifetime!

In other words…the average coin investor or coin collector is just not going to live long enough to become a millionaire…to see his thousand dollar collection or portfolio turn into a million dollars. There aren’t quite enough years left in the tiny lifetime of years allotted to each of us.

True, some investors and some col­lectors will end up with substantial medium-size fortunes when they sell their holdings at the end of a ten or twenty year period… but ususally they will have to have had a great deal more invested than a thousand dollars and of course their selection must be per­fect. The sins of poorly selected coin» that are too common and incorrectly graded can be erased…time will eventually do that…but it is going to take many decades before such poor material would be worth a large fortune and perhaps several hundred years before it gets up in the million dollar class!

Many investments can lie dormant for a long, long time, finally to awaken and spurt ahead, making fortunes for the owners…but sad to say…not al­ways the ORIGINAL owners. Many  investors just do not live to see the fortune that is a result of a long, long holding…but their heirs do! Time… that is what we need. Any investment, if given enough TIME, will eventually prosper greatly!

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