You Can Take It With You!! – part 6


And speaking of investors in OTHER Helds. An investor in real estate could hardly take that along with him. Taking proof of ownership or mortgages would hardly stand up over such a long, long period of time. The land or buildings could have been Condemmed and taken by local governments long before that faraway future had been reached. And we can say much the same for any other stocks, bonds or paper securities that the investor might take along with him. In four hundred years these investments could be voided, long de­funct… the corporations long out of business. Small objects of value, such as diamonds, jewelry and coins would probably hold up best under such conditions of storage…and they would automatically increase in value as they aged!

Perhaps the dream that the science of cryonics presents could turn into a nightmare…if…say…we are awakened by our future hosts and told that our coin hoards are being donated to the government museum…and that we as persons are to be sent to a form of “Siberia”…to be sent light-years away to colonize a newly discovered world!! Still…it might not be all that bad. What the future civilization might re­gard as “Siberia”…because they would be utopia oriented… would in truth be regarded as perhaps BETTER than today’s “living”…by someone from today’s world!

It is all theoretically possible. The end-result…if it comes true…would be a reasonable approximation of im­mortality for the one suspended..and also the actual realization of becoming a multi-millionaire if everything worked out fine.

Still, there are bothersome thoughts that crop up…particularly the popula­tion problems that would arise. How could a future race deal with an avalanche of “suspended” people from the past…all waiting to be “released” on a world already full of people. Mr. Ettinger handles this particular ques­tion very nicely in his book.

My own thoughts on the matter tend to drift outward into space. I can no more visualize this planet still being earth-bound at that far-away date, than I can believe that untold grandeur and scientific and medical fulfillment beyond our most imignative dreams… will not come to pass in that far-away year of 2369!! No., by then we will be off to the galaxies, millions of light- years away. There will be other worlds to live on…to colonize. The earth should be comparatively free of crowds by that time because all of the younger people will seek the other planets with adventure in mind.

Think of the wonders abounding in a world that has reached out to the stars…that perhaps by that time was making con tact… even commercial and social con tact… with intelligent life in other systems. Imagine the transact­ions that could occur between collec­tors from one world’s intelligent life… and another!! Perhaps today’s coins would be of interest to many worlds… not just ouw own…by that year 2369!

At the moment we are talking about and planning to visit the planets in our own little system. Most of us will not live long enough to see this happen. Perhaps some will be around to see a landing on Mars…but the rest will come much later. If we look ahead several hundred years we will probably be traveling to the stars and the undreamed-of-wonders that will be un­covered because of these contacts with other worlds…and perhaps with other intelligent life forms! All of this we are going to miss because we have been born too soon.

A change could be coming. Death is finally being challenged. Everybody worries about dying but nobody has ever done anything about it. The saying is “as sure as death and taxes.” The cryonics way might be the first chance to circumvent BOTH!

There will be a National Cryonics Conference in Los Angeles in 1970. Some of you who are reading this may be a part of this drama of our times and perhaps I will see you there.

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